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Metropolis II

The exhibition Metropolis II / Istanbul reflects on the megacity Istanbul, where the CNG group of fine artists stayed for some weeks in 2015, picking up inspiration and meeting the guest exhibitors.

In 2012 the CNG group arranged the exhibition Venice (Metropolis I), after a similar stay in Veniceand with similar international contributions. As the overall theme for the Metropolis II exhibition, we have chosen Istanbul, which is a melting pot between East and West, between Europe and Asia, old and new, ugly and beautiful, dirty and clean, structured and unstructured. Istanbul bears numerous signs of a long cosmopolitan history and is very inspiring in all its lavishness.   

CNG is a group of fine artists, who, along their other artistic productions are preoccupied with making Artist’s Books. The group has worked and exhibited together in the Book Art media for more than 10 years. Artists Books are one-of-a-kind, and the artist has chosen every detail in the work, from the concept to the form and subject matter. The piece is a mix of fine art and literature; it can be painting or sculpture, a diversity of techniques.

But the work must in one way or another relate to the media of book. Thus all ten artists have been free in their interpretation of the city, but bound to the media Artist’s Books. 

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